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Hungary Map v0.9.28 by Frank007-Fixed [1.26.x]

Hungary Map v0.9.28 by Frank007-Fixed [1.26.x] Version game: 1.26.x Total views: 4 145
Category: Maps ETS 2
Version Game: 1.26.x
Credits: Frank007
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about Hungary Map v0.9.28 by Frank007-Fixed [1.26.x]

HUNGARY MAP v0.9.28 by Frank007 (New fix) for Ets2 1.26.x game version!

Standalone map modification for Euro Truck Simulator 2, containing a work-in-progress,

1:3 scaled representation of the Hungarian road system as it existed around circa 2002. The map is "standalone",

meaning that it is independent of the default Europe map: you have to create a new profile to play it,

and load it as a separate module. It does not require any of the official map DLCs to work (Going East, Scandinavia).

This version was tested with v1.26.x of Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Make sure to update the game to that version before installing the map!
Good driving! wink

First of all, make sure that ETS2 is updated to v1.26!
Currently, the 1.26.x  game versions of Hungary Map Pack a "hungary_base.scs" should do the mod folder,

next only and - exclusively - the hotfix, of course, accordingly, whether there is the

French DLC or it has no - "HM_def_hotfix_1.26.x.scs" or "HM_def_hotfix_1.26.x.scs" one of these

patches to be put in "Mod Manager"and was activated!

 Make sure you delete the "hungary_dm.scs" to the MOD FOLDER CURRENT version !!!

Mapping: Frank007
Models: Indian56, Retoucher, Gumikacsa, SCS Software
Prefabs: FLD, SCS Software
Testing: Members of the RestaCargo VTC, and way too many people to list here.
Also, special thanks to everyone who helped development in any way, and everyone who helped bugfixing with their error reports.

The Hungary Map official site is

(*Registration required)



If you appreciate our work, you can support us here:

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  1. Hegedüs Zsolt
    • 0
    Mi a sz@r nak kellett feltenni a filefactory-ra mert ott 40 perc mire letölt 645 mb-ot és nem fogom megvenni azért a "prémiumot" hogy egy dolgot letöltsek ami mellesleg nem is valami nagy terjedelmű..... tudom két link van de a MEGA azt írja hogy a fájlt vagy mittudomén mit biztos törölték vagy valami tehát ezt jó lenne ha feltöltenétek valahova máshova köszönöm.

    Amúgy nem akartam nagyon bunkónak tűnni mert biztos megéri a fáradságot a map de mire elolvassák ezt (Bízom benne hogy elolvassák) addigra már úgyis a magyar (HUNGARY) mapon játszom majd.

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