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Turkey Map v3.3 (Antalya Update) (v1.26.x)

Turkey Map v3.3 (Antalya Update) (v1.26.x) Version game: 1.26.x Total views: 3 543
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Version Game: 1.26.x
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Description about Turkey Map v3.3 (Antalya Update) (v1.26.x)

Turkey Map v3.3 (Antalya Update) (v1.26.x) for Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.


Map of Turkey, where everyone expects output at the end of the insertion Maps , etc. Smile . It would be updating the map when the updates will be adapted .


Changes in v3.3:

- adapted to s version.
- Various bugs have been fixed.
- Map (France DLC, DLC-going East DLC and Scandinavia) requires.
- Adjustments were made in the scale of the map zoom.


Changes in v3.2.6:
- Various bugs have been fixed.
- Game_data.Map_Data file from the Shia.Shia left the file.
- DLC original DLC and Scandinavia map now merged as a single package Going_east has become.
- Zoom scale of the map was modified.
- The longest distance Distance map of the image. Thus, nature and Beautiful views of the city.

- was made in a variety of errors were corrected version to version

- Aydin - Mugla - Fethiye Cities Added.

NEW CITYS: Aydin - Mugla - Fethiye
Venice with Trieste as Ferry added.
Venice with Trieste as an added Ferry

Aydin - Mugla - Fethiye City Added.
Venice with Trieste as Ferry added.

* Compatible with RUSMAP + DLC (going east - Skandinavia)
* Budapest - Szeged completed with our road map
* Edirne - Salzburg train was added again
* Ancona - Izmir Cesme ferries added
* Rome () in the city added to the map
* NEW CITYS Samsun - Izmir - Roman Army - Tokat - Amasya - Corum
* Company - Trailer - Depot - Navigation Logo company also DLC - Trailer - Depot - Navigation Company Logo changed to turkish
* Gas Station & Europe has changed to Turkish Gas Station
BP - OPET - Petrol Ofisi - OMV - ESSO - DECEMBER - TEXACO and more
* Inlet and outlet of the Istanbul Bosphorus bridge tolls added.



- NEW CITY name is Yalova



- Added City: Kırklareli and some corrections..

- Map of Turkey 2.5 works with the default map.
- In combination with other cards are not checked.
- Eliminating gaps road to Europe, and built new roads to Europe, fixes some bugs.
- On the map there is an error that does not affect the performance of the card.



Map of Turkey v2.0 and 2.1, an addon for the default map
2.1 requires DLC Scandinavia
added cities of other countries on the way from Europe to Turkey to Zagreb, Belgrade, Nis, Sofia
added rail message service from Salzburg Edirne


Tested on game version 1.26.x


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