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ProMods 2.12 [1.26.x]

ProMods 2.12 [1.26.x] Version game: 1.26.x Total views: 6 272
Category: Maps ETS 2
Version Game: 1.26.x
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about ProMods 2.12 [1.26.x]

ProMods Map new version 2.12 for Ets2 1.26.x game version


New release ProMods 2.12 is now available!


New version 2.12:

*Same as v2.11.
This version is also compatibile with Vive la France, however all changes from the DLC will be replaced by old ProMods France.


This version requires the Scandinavian DLC (Going North) and the Going East DLC to be installed.


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  1. Bazzy
    • 0
    This is FAKE FILE. Promods for 1.26 is not out yet. This is FAKE

    1. tacsi68
      • -1
      Don't talk rot. Read description and access the download link and see for yourself. Download link is original from the

  2. georgie
    • 0
    prosím o opravu archiv 1 je poškozen

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