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Northern Scandinavia v0.99.3(1.26)

Northern Scandinavia v0.99.3(1.26) Total views: 2 086
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Description about Northern Scandinavia v0.99.3(1.26)

- Copy and paste NorthernScandinavia-def.scs, NorthernScandinavia-map.scs, NorthernScandinavia.scs and tzmap.scs to "Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod"
- Create new profile(only for those who don't have a profile already of my map)
- Activate NorthernScandinavia-def.scs, NorthernScandinavia-map.scs, NorthernScandinavia.scs and tzmap.scs(prefabs_packed) via Mod Manager
- Set the files in this order on Mod Manager: prefabs_packed, NorthernScandinavia.scs, NorthernScandinavia-map.scs, NorthernScandinavia-def.scs
- Set game module to "NorthernScandinavia.mbd" and not "europe.mbd", because this is a standalone map
- Complete profile and then select your city. Current cities available for headquarter are Bodø and Fauske.

Bugs fixed:
- Spawn for ferry in Moskenes
- Performance upgrades. Unnecessary files removed from definition folder
- Invisible wall in Å i Lofoten removed

Bugs not fixed:
- Rain in the tunnels on the map
- Background map not added to world map

New features and scenery upgrades:
- Industrial area in western part of Bodø are bit more improved
- More construction sites in Bodø
- Improved scenery outside of Tverlandet
- Improved scenery towards Saltstraumen from Tverlandet
- Improved scenery at Vikan near Tverlandet
- Roadworks between Tverlandet and Rognan
- Many new signs in the map
- Improved scenery between Bertnes and Tverlandet
- Minor scenery upgrades in Å i Lofoten. Not yet finished. Some buildings need to be placed.

New companies:
- Nordic Crown(Bodø, designated as Bodø Sentrum)
- Aria(Tverlandet, next to old Fv 17 towards Saltstraumen)
- Aria(Bertnes)
- MS Stein(Tverlandet)

- 1.26x

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