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Sound Fixes Pack + Hot Pursuit Sounds v11.4 [1.22.x]

Author: tacsi68 | 27-12-2015, 22:55 | Views: 2 224 | Comments: 0
Sound Fixes Pack + Hot Pursuit Sounds v11.4 [1.22.x] Version game: 1.22.x Total views: 2 224
Category: Sounds ETS 2
Version Game: 1.22.x
Credits: Drive Safely
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about Sound Fixes Pack + Hot Pursuit Sounds v11.4 [1.22.x]

A mod that replaces stock sounds to be more immersive and realistic.

Takes the simulation to a whole new level.


New in version 11.4 (December 27, 2015)

Reworked suspension sounds and thresholds for bumpy roads

Slightly more tempo of tires on asphalt/tarmac at higher speeds
Smoothened transition of hard braking from high speeds on asphalt/tarmac

Lowered noise level of retarder sound
Better pitch level for retarder stick

Replaced train loading screen sound with a "bing bong" chime

New horn sounds for AI cars. Some will do short honks (patient driver), others will do long honks (impatient driver)


Features of this mod:
* Increased volume for interior stick sounds (e.g. releasing parking brake, blinker stick lever)
* Interior stick/switch sounds for: parking brake, hazard light switch, retarder stick, blinker stick and light switch (taken from real trucks)
* "Late music" replaced with Nokia phone ringtone sound. Note: Volume of this sound depends on Music volume in Audio settings in the game.
* Retarder sound changed to real retarder sound
* Driver Alert Support system sound and "engine warning" sound installed on all trucks.

* Real interior and exterior tire sounds. Tires will resonate in the cab depending on how fast you're accelerating and what speed you are in, giving a feel for your sense of speed.
* Heavier gravel sounds when driving on dirt roads

* Wind will sound slightly faster from cabin when you drive at a high speed
* Pattering of rain on windshield audible inside the truck during heavy rain
* You can hear the slight sound of vehicles overtaking you or passing by you in the oncoming lane
* AI traffic vehicles given better horn sounds
* AI traffic trucks given more variations of sounds (tires, turbo, engines, gear changes)
* Gas pump and trailer coupling sounds made more realistic

* Sometimes you will hear a key chain swing sound when on bumpy roads or when hitting a small obstacle
* More variation of suspension sounds. In stock SCS you only get suspension for tires, but in this mod you get suspension sounds for cabin, trailers and tires

* Some UI sounds decreased
* If caught driving too fast, a police siren will be triggered so you (maybe) have to pull over to stop the noise

* Compatible with all trucks including mod trucks. Does not replace individual truck sounds.
* Can be used with other truck sound mods simultaneously.
* Compatible with all maps.
* Supports compatibility with Realistic Weather Sound 1.7.4. Both mods can be enabled at the same time.

* Mix of stock amplified gear grinding sounds and new gear grinding sounds. Can be heard when you have abused the transmission and gearbox from truck damage.

* This pack does come with options to mute some sounds (e.g. police sirens) if desired.
* If enabling any of the options, make sure to put it in higher priority than the Sound Fixes Pack in the Mod Manager for it to work.

* SCS Software for base sounds
* Drive Safely for pitch, reverberation and sound edits, some sound samples and compiling mod
* antonvezdehod, Ludmilla and Katixa/Irreo for tire sounds
* Balamut for key swing sounds
* AlexeyP for rattle/squeak, trailer coupling and fuel pump sounds
* JAWA, Stas556 for short horn sound for AI traffic trucks
* Stewen for improved AI vehicle sounds
* nIGhT-SoN for raindrop definitions

Compatible for and tested on version 1.22.2.
No errors in game log.
Backwards compatible with 1.21.1.

Dear viewers! Feel free to add your own video gameplay in commentary section. No account required.

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