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Renault Magnum Updates v14.36 [v1.21.1]

Author: tacsi68 | 4-11-2015, 22:38 | Views: 2 895 | Comments: 0
Renault Magnum Updates v14.36 [v1.21.1] Version game: 1.21.x Total views: 2 895
Category: Renault Trucks
Version Game: 1.21.x
Credits: knox_xss
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about Renault Magnum Updates v14.36 [v1.21.1]

Renault Magnum Updates v14.36 [v1.21.1]


Changes in current version
* A huge number of edits of Magnum exterior, interior, animation, accessories
* Added a lot of chic interiors (personal thanks to Vyacheslav_A)
* Ext_interior now is like Int_interior including all looks
* Increased kerb_weight for all chassis
* Added variant of 4x2 chassis with more higher front axle
* In Renault truckdealers appeared Magnum Legend, Magnum Legend Mat Edition and Magnum BDF
* Renault Magnum Legend appeared in agency jobs
* Support of DLC "Cabin Accessories"
* Added new slots for "Cabin Accessories"
* All paintable parts made in matte variants
* Some paintable parts made in black matte variants
* Added skin "Duda Transport & Logistic"
* Bottom part of cabin (apron) made as accessory
* Changed the reflections for side and front glasses of interior
* Added new variant of side glasses deflectors
* Added TV variants of big and transparent GPS
* Added a clock to interior in two variants: as digital clock and as clock on mobile
* Added two variants of front license plates: "MAGNUM" и "LEGEND"
* Reworked Magnums in traffic (in France there are more Magnums, in UK there are Magnums with "T6x2" chassis)
* Changed the font for gear number
* For manual gearboxes of "ZF" series the gear numbers displayed as halfs - lower and higher
* Updated UI icons for Magnum
* Steering wheel of exterior model made more darker (Attention! Steering wheel in the game is one for all trucks!)

- Before using this version of mod it is strongly recommended to change interior look to "Privilege" or "Route 66"!
- Before using this version of mod it is strongly recommended to detach all cargo boxes from all long chassis!
- BDF cargoes solely for the cargo boxes needs to unload unusual way - with advisor (or Enter key)!
- If you need to delete steering wheel from the mod, just delete \vehicle\driver\ folder from the mod!

Put two files...
in your mod\ folder. One without the other will not work.

For tandems
Put two files from "BDF\" folder...
in your mod\ folder.

Helpful information
* If after beacon name there is a "Low beam" sign, then this beacon turned on with low beam
* If a file from def\camera\units_down\ folder move to def\camera\units\, then actor camera will not walk up but will walk down on the seat
* For connoisseurs of realism was added 1800 degree steering wheel in interior animation. You can uncomment it in files def\vehicle\truck\renault.magnum\interior\animations*.sui

I express my gratitude to Renault Trucks, SCS Software, Simon (50keda), Dmitry (dmitry68), Vyacheslav_A, Oleg (oq37), Denis (DANZ), Sergey (Supric), Flemming (Flemming V), David (Davidzoli), Enrique (SheryO), kuba141 and many other fans of Renault Magnum, serves a variety of ideas and carrying a healthy criticism. :smile_mini:



Bug fixes link:


Now - it's fix of nonworking digital clock with combination of some exterior skins.

Dear viewers! Feel free to add your own video gameplay in commentary section. No account required.

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