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Now Available: Beta for Holiday update - 1.15

Author: admin | 6-12-2014, 00:29 | Views: 3 721 | Comments: 0
Now Available: Beta for Holiday update - 1.15 News ETS2 Total views: 3 721

The Holiday Update for Euro Truck Simulator 2 is now ready to enter beta testing on Steam. Detailed information on how to join the beta or register your copy on Steam can be found at the bottom of this post.


Now Available: Beta for Holiday update - 1.15

Now Available: Beta for Holiday update - 1.15


This update brings a several audio improvements mentioned in our previous blog posts as well as a couple of gameplay changes. Goal of this beta test is to spend a few days polishing the changes to ensure that our holiday update goes out smoothly.


ETS 2 update 1.15

ETS 2 update 1.15



  • New Exclusive interior for DAF Euro 6
  • New sounds for Scania V6 engines 
  • New sounds for Iveco Highway and Iveco Stralis
  • Support for different dashboard computer black-light colors
  • Showroom updates:
  • New interface for showrooms
  • New showroom interior
  • New look for small truck dealers 
  • Significantly faster autosaving
  • Gameplay improvements
  • Interior camera motion feature - camera can now simulate movements of the player's body and motion of the truck seat 
  • Smart cruise control - retarder will now be used automatically
  • Trailer brake
  • Support for second reverse gear for custom H-Shifter layouts
  • Support for Holiday Special content
For a majority of our players, it is of course wiser to stick with the official builds of the game that are properly tested before the release. But if you want to take a sneak peek at what's coming and help us in testing the update before release, your help is appreciated. In order to access beta, you must first activate your game on Steam - refer to our guide for a simple step-by-step procedure.
When you have your game activated on Steam, navigate to your Library and right click on the Euro Truck Simulator 2 then select properties from the menu. When properties window opens, select "BETAS" tab and from the drop down menu select "public_beta". After properties window is closed Steam will automatically start downloading the latest version of the update.

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