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REAL RAIN v2.6 (Old Heavy Rain) By Darkcaptain

Author: tacsi68 | 25-07-2019, 21:24 | Views: 343 | Comments: 0
REAL RAIN v2.6 (Old Heavy Rain) By Darkcaptain Version game: v1.35.x Total views: 343
Category: Other mods
Version Game: v1.35.x
Credits: Darkcaptain
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about REAL RAIN v2.6 (Old Heavy Rain) By Darkcaptain

REAL RAIN v2.6 (Old Heavy Rain) for Ets2 and Ats 1.35.x game versions

This mod will not add puddles on the road.
This mod does not modify the duration or probability of rain (game options you have for it)
This mod does not modify the fog.

This mod tries to improve the effect of rain, sounds of rain, sounds of thunder, 
effects on the windshield, particles of rain on the wheels...

What's included this mod?
- Better textures of Raindrops from inside cabin
- Better Rain particles of the wheels (truck and AI Traffic)
- Rain more intense from inside cabin
- Better rain sounds from inside cabin & outside view
- Better windshield effect
- HQ thunders sounds

New version 2.6:
- Some smalls tweaks to the windshield (all versions)
- Added more thunders sounds (all versions)
- Added: New version Realistic Rain for NaturaLux Mod, 
In this version the file of the rain spray particles has been deleted, the particles included 
in NaturaLux will be seen. Also added "smoke.pmg and pmd" files, the color of the 
rain spray particles will look correctly (thanks Kirill for the info)

JUST use Realistic Rain for NaturaLux if you have NaturaLux, 
If you don't use NL, you can use Realistic Rain or Realistic Rain Lite.

Not necessary to use "Sound Fixes Pack" mod of Drive Safely. 
But I RECOMMENDED it for a better gaming experience!

Tested with:
ETS2 1.34.x - 1.35.x (DX9 & DX11)
ATS 1.34.x - 1.35.x (DX9 & DX11)
I recommend use DX11 with better perfomance!

The same file now works with both games, ETS2 and ATS. 

IMPORTANT! :This mod works with Realistic Graphics Mod, Project Next-Gen, NaturaLux, JBX Weather... 
but you need to place REALISTIC RAIN ON TOP! 

Also, v2.4 works with season mods by Grimes, Autumn, Summer etc... but don't use with Frosty Winter!

*Note: The "Realistic Rain for NaturaLux" version is not available in the Workshop 

Credits: Darkcaptain, Frkn64, cipinho
Thanks for support & feedback: pere_powa, Stropher, Antoniopua, adrian_xta

Please don't reupload this mod in any other hosting site, keep the original download link!
Dear viewers! Feel free to add your own video gameplay in commentary section. No account required.

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