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Kraker/NTM/Ekeri Tandem addon for RJL Scania rs&r4 v1.8 by Kast [1.31.x]

Author: tacsi68 | 4-07-2018, 21:21 | Views: 1 803 | Comments: 0
Kraker/NTM/Ekeri Tandem addon for RJL Scania rs&r4 v1.8 by Kast [1.31.x] Version game: 1.31.x Total views: 1 803
Category: Scania Trucks / Other Trailers
Version Game: 1.31.x
Credits: Kast
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about Kraker/NTM/Ekeri Tandem addon for RJL Scania rs&r4 v1.8 by Kast [1.31.x]

Kraker/NTM/Ekeri tandem addon v1.8 for RJL Scania RS and R4 for Ets2 1.31.x game version

New Version 1.8:
-Cables fixed
-VAK parts added
-New Cooler box types for topline cabs(NTM,Ekeri,VAK)
-Fender mudflaps moved to hookups
-Sidecover logos moved to locators
-Rear toolboxes separated from the front
-camera zoom files added
-Tail lights and rear mudflaps locators rotated 180

!!! If you use other mods that use this as base, make sure the 1.8 is supported,
 there has been a lot of changes. 
You can find older versions and a bit more deeper changelog bottom of this thread!!! 

Changes in v1.8:
-new locator on chassis cooler_3 x:0 y:1.12891 z:4.09015
-new locator on chassis bdf_stuff_r x:0 y:-5.44518 z:0.617695
-r_lights and r_porikad on chassis has been rotated on z axis 180 degrees

-new 4.4m box ekeri,NTM for topline cabs with cooler (ntm_box_old5.sii,ntm_box5, 
ekeri_box9.sii, ekeri_box10) and related parts that need suitables (cha,cooler_3)
-Ekeri,NTM boxes vertex paint set to 0.49, Shininess on materials set to 35, AO texture changed
-VAK boxes(Suitables on Coolers and Chs added)
-Ekeri box added as default for all tandem chassis
-All taillights and rear mudflaps have been rotated 180 degrees on Z axis
-Zeprolift chassis got new model + new related chs .sii files for it to fit for the VAK box
-New lights for the chassis zepro VAK
-override command for cables added to all chassis and defaults removed
-Fenders reworked! All mudflaps removed and added to hookups. 
Def files reworked. Mudflaps added to tandem_parts.kast.sii
-New mudflaps Kraker,Vak
-All covers that had back box, has been changed. Back box removed
-New parts in bdf_stuff_r
-VAK Sidecovers
-Sidecover logos(ekeri, vak, ntm) added as hookups and removed from the cover model.
 (One ekeri with double doors still have logo!) 

Mod is based on Scania R & S by RJL Tandem - ByCapital mod.

This mod adds:
-Kraker box
-NTM box
-NTM related parts
-Ekeri box
-Ekeri related parts
-3 tandem chassis
-VBG hook
-Sidecovers and rails
-Domar wheelcovers
-Parlok wheelcovers
-Reverse lights to doorsteps
-Zepro tail-lift
-4 coolers Lumikko, Thermo King, Carrier
-Trailer cables support
-And more...

Install help:
Copy mod to the mod folder and place it above the RJL Scania mod

You can find RJL truck mods here:

You can find suitable trailers here: 

RJL - base mod
Capital - Tandem base
Flemming V - Tandem base
Nordisch - Kraker box skin
Abasstreppas - UI shadow

!Please do not reupload. If you want to share mod use original link! 
Dear viewers! Feel free to add your own video gameplay in commentary section. No account required.

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