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Realistic Russian higways v3.0 for Ets2

Author: tacsi68 | 9-11-2017, 17:20 | Views: 1 819 | Comments: 0
Realistic Russian higways v3.0 for Ets2 Version game: 1.28.x Total views: 1 819
Category: Other mods ETS 2
Version Game: 1.28.x
Credits: Brainiac
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about Realistic Russian higways v3.0 for Ets2

Realistic Russian higways v3.0 for Ets2 1.28.x game version

Note from the Author(s):

I am rebuilding all wrong interchanges on Rusmap and modifying highways to real number of lanes.

There are 2 version: Non-Promods, but compatible with Promods,

and Promods version with Better traffic flow for Rusmap.

Only Rusmap is required and, logically, Rusmap and Promods for Promods version.
Unlike non-Promods version, Promods version has a bit more realistic interchanges and roads, including more semaphores,

where are in real life, and very realistic navigation signs on some roads.

Better traffic flow Rusmap contains Promods version because it is more realistic than original Rusmap, so you don't have to use both mods.
I didn't made Better traffic flow for non-Promods version because you must use Promods assets for full benefit.
Temporary, Better traffic flow Rusmap contains non-Promods version because Promods version is under bug-fixing.

Version 1.0:
– St. Peterburg ring road (officialy KAD) is rebuilt.
– I rebult total 6 interchanges and built 2 new, including replaced crossroads.

Version 2.0:
– Whole M10/E105 between St. Peterburg and Moscow is rebuilt: new interchanges and correct road profiles.
– Both part of new highway M11 are built (from 2 to 5 lanes). I can't be proud with quality, but, sections aren't long, so you won't feel it.
– Moscow Ring Road (officialy MKAD) is rebuilt, extended to full circle and widen to at least 5+5 lanes.
– M9/E22, M1/E30, M3/E101, M2/E105 and M4/E115 from Moscow to A108 are rebuilt and widen to 3+3 and 4+4 lanes. I couldn't wide M3/E101 because of crossroads, so I had to built new road and interchange with ring road on bridge and keep old road on ground, under them.
– According to Russian government decision, I increased speed limit on M2/E105, M4/E115 and M9/E22 to 130 km/h.
– All those roads except M4/E115 and M5/E30 don't lead directly to Moscow. You must exit from them. That it because they have 5 lanes and crossroads only 2, so it is only way to avoid big traffic jams.
– I rebult total 18 interchanges and built 16 new, including replaced crossroads.

Version 2.1:
– M3/E101 from Moscow to Kaluga, rest of M1/E30, roads around Smolensk and M9/E22 near Velikiye Luki are rebuilt: new interchanges and correct road profiles.
– Fixed low bridges bug.
– I rebult total 25 interchanges and built 22 new, including replaced crossroads.

New Version 3.0:
– M2/E105, M4/E115 to Tula, roads around Tula and rest of M9/E30 are rebuilt: new interchanges and correct road profiles.
– Moscow and St. Petersburg (MKAD and KAD) are much optimisated in terms of FPS.
– As much as possible realistic signs using only vanilla assets are added on all rebuilt roads.
– In Promods version, on St. Petersburg ring road and M11 around Vyshny Volochek,

those signs are replaced with very realistic signs.
– According to Russian low, speeding is punishable for at least 20 km/h.

Therefore you will be able to see strange speed limits like 79 and 109.

Maximal allowed speed is 149 km/h on some roads.
– I rebult total 29 interchanges and built 23 new, including replaced crossroads.

About 18 ohter interchanes are sheduled for rebuilding.

Load order:

Other mods are on: ... 2&p=138224

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